My boy lovebird, Pipsqueak, is trying to hatch eggs.

(Edited to add: We found later that Pipsqueak was actually laying the eggs, so she was not a boy after all. But, she would mate with Shelly just like if she was a boy – so it was an easy mistake to make. Pipsqueak has since died and we miss her:  Goodbye Pipsqueak. We will miss you very much Pipsqueak’s mate, Shelly, has found a new love: It is official: My parakeet widower and my parakeet widow are now an item.)

I’ve written a couple of times about my lovebird and my parakeet that are trying to raise a family. Shelly, the parakeet, has been laying different sized eggs. For some reason or other, she lays the small eggs in her nest (food dish) and lays the big eggs on the floor of the cage.

Animals are programmed by God to know how to take care of their babies. It is hardwired into their brains. That is how I define “instinct”. Anyway, for some reason, Shelly is rejecting the big eggs as bad, and abandoning them.

This is not sitting well with Pipsqueak, my lovebird, Shelly’s mate. He has start collecting those big eggs in the corner and is sitting on them. The picture below is from a few days ago, before Pipsqueak started sitting on the eggs. I wish I had gotten a picture of one of the big eggs in this view. The incubation time of about two weeks (for both lovebirds and parakeets) starts counting after the last egg has been laid, but Shelly is laying a lot of eggs. There are four small ones in the nest, and three big ones under Pipsqueak.

I am very curious what we will get, if anything, out of these eggs (the big ones for sure will not hatch – they were cold for too long). They should not be able to produce offspring because according to “mainstream” science they are different “species’. But, in my opinion, lovebirds and parakeets are just variations of God’s created Parrot Kind, and as such should be interfertile.

In my opinion these eggs are fertile as evidenced by the different sizes. I’ve had other parakeets lay eggs, Shelly hatched out of one of those eggs. The four in the nest are regular parakeet sized eggs.

There is still time to wait though. It will be at least two weeks before the eggs will hatch, (if they hatch) if Shelly has stopped laying eggs. The most eggs I’ve personally ever had in a clutch here at home is eight eggs, but not all of them hatched, and not all that hatched lived.

Anyway, time will tell. If an egg hatches, that is scientific proof that parakeets and lovebirds can have babies together. I have seen nothing about this on the web. But, Pipsqueak’s lovebird mate died, and he fell in love with a parakeet. That might not have happened before. Apparently, if they hatch, this will be a first.



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55 responses to “My boy lovebird, Pipsqueak, is trying to hatch eggs.

  1. Tracey

    They are devoted mom and dad! l\’m hoping for the best!

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Thank you Tracey. I\’m really excited. I really like having babies in the house. I\’ve kept all the babies that have been hatched here. I\’ve had three other sets of babies. Since you don\’t eat animals either, I\’ll tell you this. When parakeets are born, they are naked and helpless, they just lay there looking like a miniature Thanksgiving turkey with it\’s head still on. It is really gross for me to see a roast turkey.

  3. X-Evolutionist

    Come on, babies! Hatch!

  4. Jen

    Will there be long to wait? It\’s Saturday tomorrow so I\’ll probably miss what\’s happening but do blog about it if you\’re lucky:-)

  5. X-Evolutionist

    It\’s like waiting for a kettle of water to start boiling. It takes forever when you are waiting for it. I haven\’t noticed anything yet. It might be a week or two. It depends on if she has laid her last egg yet. I have ants in my pants. I want babies! I will keep you posted!

  6. Docextreme

    Hello X, may I ask how many birds do you have? I love all kinds of birds. The ones you have displayed on your blogs are very nice.

  7. X-Evolutionist

    Hi Doc, Right now, I have one African Grey Parrot, Rufus, I also have my cockatiels, Penny and Jonah, Pipsqueak my lovebird, parakeet Shelly his mate, and six other parakeets. So, it\’s eleven birds. I have had as many as 21 at one time. I\’ve had baby parakeets a few times. Their parents were a one-eyed girl parakeet that I got at a scratch and dent sale at a pet shop (yes, really) and an old boy parakeet I adopted from a man going overseas with the military. All my birds are rescues except for the babies. Eventually, my birds get old and die, so I\’m down to just eleven now. I have pictures of my pets in my photo album. All the parakeets are my babies born here, except two abandoned crippled babies with splay leg that I adopted when they were teeny babies and needed to be hand fed until they were old enough to eat on their own. They both have mates now and are happy. Thanks for asking!

  8. Greg

    My family had a cockatiel for a short while when I was growing up. It wasn\’t remotely friendly, and just made a huge mess. Ultimately, the family that pawned it off on us took it back. Haven\’t been a big fan of birds as pets since.

  9. X-Evolutionist

    Yep, Greg, birds can definitely be messy. And, having a bird that was not tame did not help. Penny, my sweet cockatiel, was really wild when I first got her. I had known NOTHING about birds before I got her. It took me a lot of time and patience to get her to trust me. Now she is my constant companion. She wants to be with me all day long. She gives me tons of unconditional love. Parrots mate for life, and I am her mate. Rufus\’s mate is my hubby. Parrot types are like that. They generally fall in love with one member of the family.Just so you know, kids make big messes, too. It\’s just a matter of whose mess you are willing to put up with to be with them. I never had kids, so all my hard-wired maternal instinct is used on my pets.

  10. Greg

    And I\’ve already removed all the tags from my son, Logan. Dang, I guess I\’m stuck with him.

  11. Mandy

    AAaaw that\’s really cute, that Pipsqueak is taking over the big eggs! he just doesn\’t want to get left out does he?

  12. X-Evolutionist

    Yep, Greg, You\’ll have to keep him.Mandy, Pipsqueak might not be so hot on parenthood, afterall. He ran out on Shelly yesterday. He went back and forth from bird house to bird house visiting the other two cages near him. He can open the cage doors and go in and out as he pleases. He never did come home to Shelly, at bedtime, I had to lock him in his own house with Shelly. He picks on the other birds too much. (I wrote more about this in a blog yesterday

  13. Mandy

    Oh well just like man to get fidgety, when responsiblity is imminent (present company excepted Greg)

  14. Unknown

    1. Clean up that cage for those poor birds, its filthy!2. How old are you?3. Why do you keep interjecting god into this? These are 2 birds of completely different species. There is no way these are fertile eggs. I would separate the two birds for a while, as the female keeps laying duds, her body will get very mineral depleted.Anyway, don\’t get your hopes up, the chance that these unfertilized eggs will hatch is 0%.

  15. Unknown

    I would keep the lovebird in its own cage. Lovebirds can be one of the meanest parrots.My wife and I have 4 of them, and 2 are mated and they reproduce about twice a year. One of the solo peachfaced is a VERY mean birdy to the others. She would kill them if we left her in their cages.Lovebirds are only called lovebirds for their pairing behavior. They have attitudes 100 times larger than their small bodies. That same mean lovebird of ours easily intimidates our Senegal, and he is 3-4 times larger than her!

  16. erica

    Has it occurred to you that your lovebird might be female and is the one laying the bigger eggs? If you think that a lovebird and a parakeet can have chicks together then you clearly know nothing about birds. And judging by your comments about god as well as your name "X-Evolutionist" you know nothing about science or biology either.

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