“Life in the Backyard” – The Movie

Hi Everybody,

On nice days, I like to spend a lot of time in my backyard. I live in a residential area in a big city Just a short drive off the main road, but it’s very quiet. All I can hear is the rushing water in my pond’s waterfall, and the calls of the birds, and a few dog barks, near and far.

My wonderful hubby built me my wonderful pond with his own two hands several years ago. It was very hard work, but that’s just how much he loves me. I am one blessed girl! God picked me a wonderful hubby!

It’s my little paradise away from the rest of the world. When I am in my backyard, it is my time of worship with God. I can see God most when I look at his creation. I love to watch the birds (both pet and wild), fish, squirrels, trees, clouds, bunnies, and a lot of other aspects of God’s creation. I just gape in awe, thinking how good he is to make such beautiful things for me to enjoy.

Two days ago, it was 75 degrees. It is freezing now at almost 4:00 pm on Saturday afternoon, and it was freezing a few days before it was 75 degrees. So, it was a wonderful time to go out and visit with God.

Here’s some movies I took that day. You can hear Rufus, my parrot, doing jaybird calls. When we are outside, that’s all he wants to do, bird calls. He knows he is a bird, and he likes to watch other birds. At one point, you can see him looking up at birds in the sky, cocking his head to stare with one eye to get a good look. He does a bird call at each bird that flies by. Very good company, that’s what he is.

You can tell, if you listen very carefully, that my hubby called me on the phone during the second video. If you are very clever, you MIGHT be able to figure out when.

My yard is pretty small, but it has several ecosystems. We have the pond, the bunny pen, the waterfall hill, the grasslands, the garden, the compost bin, and the patio. There are many animals in the various ecosystems. See how many you can count!

Life in the Backyard Part I 

 Life in the Backyard Part II

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25 responses to ““Life in the Backyard” – The Movie

  1. Kimmy

    LOL! I just uploaded a video today where the same thing happened. Forgot to put my phone on vibrate when I went off to Tigrett and hubby called as I was videoing a woodpecker. Your backyard looks like a nice serene place to sit and be one with the Lord. I would love to fence our backyard in like this but it\’s so big. We could probably do one side since we don\’t have anything to the left of our property. I do love our neighbor to the right but I don\’t want to see him everytime I walk out in the backyard (nor I\’m sure he doesn\’t care to see me walking around with the camera all afternoon either lol)Thank you for sharing this X. It was a pleasure. 🙂

  2. Tracey

    Oh l\’m so happy today to be able to see a friend\’s face and hear his voice and now see your wonderful yard!! l\’m smiling so big l\’ve got a little tear! What a beautiful environment X, thank you so much for showing us!l\’m really curious how you get such good quality on your videos. l have some movies of the deer in the yard, but l don\’t know how to get them on my space – plus they don\’t look very good.

  3. Tracey

    Oh gosh, you really got me hurting for spring now! l wouldn\’t mind the occasional day to remember what it\’s like.

  4. X-Evolutionist

    Good morning, Friends! I hope you all had a nice weekend. I\’m feeling really pooped out today. I had a rough time, yesterday, healthwise. My hubby is dragging me to the doctor later this morning. But, when I don\’t feel good, I just want to stay in bed. I just finished checking my groups, seeing if anybody had a question I can answer, or if anybody wanted to pick a fight. Fun, and varied groups I\’m in! I\’m not up to doing much more in Live, today, but I just want to tell you that I value your freindship! (you know who you are), and I\’m thinking of you.Xhttp://hackmsnspaces.groups.live.com/http://Stump-the-Creationist.groups.live.com/

  5. Rosebay

    What a nice backyard. I love to look at my garden flowers, it brings peace to me. Hope you are feeling better.

  6. Mandy

    I love the sound of the water running over the pebbles, so relaxing! Hope you\’re feeling better X, take care now!!

  7. Xana Tee

    i want to see you as old as your !… i hate talking to just pictures it would apperciated…

  8. Jen

    I love this blog. Take care, X, and tell the doctor everything. It\’s good to know your Husband loves you so much. We do say "In sickness, and in health", don\’t we.

  9. Robin

    Really wonderful X I love the sound of the water and bird\’s ! I have a big smile and I am so glad you shared your little piece of paradise with us, thank\’s. I hope you feel better real soon. God bless, Robin

  10. X-Evolutionist

    Thank you for coming to visit everybody!Mandy, I was just going off on a tangent talking about your post on All Things Live about nom de plumes. I guess I have a little more energy than I thought.The doctor said they can\’t see me after all, they over booked. The streets are very icy, so I\’m not thrilled about going out, anyway. But, I gave my hubby a good scare yesterday, and he\’s worried about losing me. He\’s going to make them fit me in.

  11. Mandy

    Yeah I read it X, good points.If you get a minute pop over to my space, hopefully my latest will make you laugh, and laughter , is good medicine!http://wobblyone2.spaces.live.com/

  12. Jen

    Come and see mine, too – if ya like jokes about lawyers! Much love, X. Hope Hubs can get you in. It\’s important.

  13. X-Evolutionist

    I just came home from a wild ride on very icy roads. Here\’s the deal, I\’ve been having severe nose bleeds for the last couple of days. That is not good, because I\’m on oxygen. My hubby is scared out of his wits. He does not like seeing that much blood coming out of his wife.About two hours ago, I was sitting here typing, and my nose started bleeding really badly, again. Per my hubby\’s instructions, I called him, and he came home. (Fortunately, God put him in a job just down the street) So, he picked me up, and we started towards the emergency clinic, since my own doctor couldn\’t fit me in. The roads are treacherous and very scary for somebody in the passenger seat. Anyway, we got to the emergency clinic, and my hubby wheeled me inside. I can walk OK, but the lack of oxygen makes me weak, lightheaded, and liable to fall down. So, we recently bought a used wheelchair to use when I leave the house (which is rarely)So, we get inside the emergency clinic, and they want me to fill out forms. I can’t breathe, one, because my oxygen is not up my nose, and two because I am holding my nose, and covering my mouth so blood won’t drain out. THEN, on top of that, I think I had a panic attack, or something. I started shaking all over. Having no oxygen in your brain makes you do strange things.Then, they said, they can’t help me, I have to go to the hospital. (my doctor couldn’t see me, the emergency clinic can’t see me, and it’s very icy, scary roads) Then I started begging my hubby, please sweetie, just take me home. He said, no you have to go to the hospital, I said, please take me home. And so on.So, here I am, back in my recliner. My nose FINALLY stopped bleeding, and my hubby FINALLY took me home. I’m still not wearing my oxygen, but I feel pretty good right now. My hubby went back to the office, reluctantly.So now, I’m home with my pets, and they are very good therapy. Penny, my sweet cockatiel, is asleep on the armrest. Nicki, one of my three mutts, is taking a nap, Rufus is eating, the parakeets and Jonah, my other cockatiel, are asleep, also. Princess Cujo is wandering around aimlessly, poor little thing. Everything is normal here at home.When I don’t feel good, I just want to be home. The LAST place I want to be when I don’t feel good is at the doctor, or emergency clinic or hospital. Especially not when there are ice roads.But, no worries! We won’t be going anywhere for a long time. Because of the very slippery roads, my hubby didn’t quite make the turn back into his office driveway after dropping me off. The wheel of our only vehicle, a 1991 Blazer, is messed up, he said. I don’t know if it is the tire or the rim, or something else. He just said “the wheel” is messed up, and he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.I need a nap.

  14. Jen

    Why all the forms? I want to scream for you. All I ever seem to read about, either here or your country is that there\’s no help available. Where do our doctors train, for crying out loud? What happened to the Hippocratic Oath? I\’m incensed, X, but you just take care and thanks for the update. Hope the car gets sorted soon, too. I agree with not going on icy roads. It can\’t have been much fun. Apologies for souding off, love but I\’m going through the same rubbish, only, different reasons.

  15. Mandy

    OOoo that sounds excruciatingly annoying, but being back in your nest is the best place for you! and isn\’t that just like a man when they do some thing wrong to suddenly clam up!Sit back, put your feet up, and chill!Take Care X

  16. Bob

    The videos are great X, Sorry to hear all the problems though, hope you are better.Coy, Rabbits, Dogs, Birds………….Hey where are the Cats? In this stage of my life I am a cat person I have a Siamese named "Little BooBoo" or "LB" for short. She enjoyed the second video with the Coy but quickly lost interest for who knows what, cats are just so finicky? Love your yard, being in Arizona, 90% of the time is outside R&R so I enjoy a good yard.You get better and stay better Ok

  17. X-Evolutionist

    Hi Bobo, Thank you! I had cats for many years when I lived in apartments. I was always a dog person at heart, though.As far as my "coy". You must have me confused with somebody with money to burn, tee hee. Those are just goldfish. Most of them have been "born" in my pond. The big solid gold one with the big mouth is Ilsa, she was obviously full of eggs when we got her and her mate Rick. (guess my favorite movie). They had babies right away. Take good care of LB. My hubby is taking good care of me. He made me a doctor appointment with my pulmonologest (oh joy) for later in the week.

  18. Tracey

    Oh gosh X!! How scary and frustrating that all must have been!My nose can bleed like crazy once it gets started – only happens in the winter when the poor thing is so dry, and then l blow it a few times a day because of winter allergies. lt\’s astonishing how much blood for no good reason! Do you use saline to keep it moist? l hope you sleep well and looking forward to hearing from you in the morning (((HUGS)))

  19. Tracey

    You know, l\’m a "cat person" through and through. But l love dogs very much. Nothing makes me happier when l\’m leaving my building (or arriving) and one of the tenant dogs is in the elevator at the same time. l knew all the dog\’s names first when l moved in here lol.l used to be friends with a girl who was raising a Jack Russel named Sophie :). l used to go with them to the leash free dog park. What an amazing happy place that was. l told my friend it\’s impossible to be depressed at the dog park! The dogs are so HAPPY to be meeting and playing with each other. LOL, Sophie was her baby, she took her to the dog park almost every day.

  20. Jen

    Morning X; 8:45am over here and just checking back to wish you a much better day today. Hope we all hear from you soon and that things are easier now.

  21. Tracey

    Me too. But it\’s 4am and l\’m just going to bed so l wont talk to you till latter ;-)Calling out Hey to the whole family!

  22. X-Evolutionist

    Hi Tracey and Jen, Sorry I missed you. Thank you for the kind wishes. Tracey, I see you understand how a dog can make me happy! I\’m still pretty wiped out. I might go back to bed pretty soon. UPDATE:It is a winter wonderland outside today, much different from how it looked a couple of days ago when I took these videos. I made my hubby go outside to take some pictures. A little while ago, I opened the sliding glass door to take one more of the pond from that angle, and the bunnies ran out!. We keep them inside on cold days, but they want to be in the burrow they dug under the house. I took some pictures and video of them. I might post a blog later, or not. Doing this is easier than posting a blog, because I need to get pictures out of my camera and all of that. X

  23. Jen

    You didn\’t miss us honey. Just as long as we hear something, sometime, is enough. Thanks for updating and mind the cold outside. Glad you\’ve got some more picies. Share \’em when you\’re able.

  24. X-Evolutionist

    Hi Jen, I took a lot of pictures of the snow, but it is melting now already. I took a picture this morning of the pond with the ice melting. I never got around to posting the snow pictures. I\’ve had other things going on.

  25. Jen

    Hope you\’re feeling better. Just noticed your comment on "Spam" Thanks. We\’re in for snow on Monday in Norfolk (UK). Glad yours is melting.

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