Oh, the sun’ll come out……TODAY!

It is supposed to get up to 75 degrees F today. For you Celsius users, that is warm. It is below freezing right now, and it has been very cold all week, so, that will be very nice!

In Oklahoma City the weather changes by the hour. I had never seen that before in all my years living in California. In southern California, it would look like it wanted to rain for a couple of weeks, and then finally rain.

Here, it will be blue sky and white puffy clouds one minute, and a big black thunderstorm will roll in five minutes later.

So, going from freezing in the early morning to nice and sunny later is nothing for an Oklahoman.

So, I’m going to go outside and play this afternoon. My oxygen hose barely reaches to the patio chair. I’m going to string it up out of the way from the chewing bunnies and parrot and romping dogs. It’s not fun having your nostrils ripped out by a dog tripping on your oxygen hose.

I’m going to let the bunnies out to romp, bring a couple bird cages out, have Penny, on my shoulder, and Rufus meandering around making trouble. My dogs love to chase squirrels, and just romp and play when Mom are outside. All the animals, and I, get bored of being in the house.



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47 responses to “Oh, the sun’ll come out……TODAY!

  1. Sherri

    sounds fantastic, I wish it would either snow a butt load or warm up here!

  2. Tom

    Hi X hope are well and enjoying your day, your weather sounds like my New England weather, you never know what it will do . Wishing you a awesome time in the sun !!!

  3. X-Evolutionist

    Hi Tom! Hi Sherri! I hope you both get some nice weather!

  4. Bob

    Well here in the Valley of the Sun it\’s rainy, one of the 30 days a year that do (No snow). But even though it rains the Sun is still shining. A great day for everyone.

  5. Robin

    Hi X, I hope you enjoy your time outside. I love the smell of fresh air when it warm\’s up after it has been cold !!

  6. X-Evolutionist

    Hi Robin, Me too!Hi Bobo, Rain when the sun is shining is so pretty!

  7. Jen

    That\’s what I\’ll miss about the winter – the sun. Have a lovely day, X.

  8. X-Evolutionist

    Hi Jen, Me too. Actually, the sky is blue and clear even when it is freezing sometimes. But, it will be nice to be WARM outside. You have a good day, too!

  9. Greg

    @ Sherri – colorful measurement, there. How much snow can fit in one\’s butt?

  10. Sherri

    I guess I should have phrased it as up to my posterior, or 2.5 feet, since I have really short legs. It is unfortunaltey a term I have picked up from my daughter (hangs head in shame). Thank you for pointing it out, but since I live in WV and seeing the size of some of the butts here, I would say "quite a bit!" hehe

  11. Jen

    This place is hilarious:-) Love the comments. Thanks, X. Actually, we had half a soggy day, then the sky decided to clear for the second half, which was beautiful. I had the sun in my room for an hour. It had almost gone over and was on the set. It\’ll be cold tonight.

  12. X-Evolutionist

    I am having fun with the comments, too. Greg asking just how much snow can fit in a butt reminds me of yesterday. I was ranting about the "new" changes, comparing my space to my bedroom and being able to decorate it the way I wanted, with posters on the walls, and have visitors see what I was like. Greg asked me, just how many people do you want in your bedroom?Open mouth, insert foot.

  13. X-Evolutionist

    Yep. I was a laughing stock.

  14. Mandy

    LOL X, I would say that depends on who they are!!

  15. Mandy

    Anyway I thought that it was only the british who talked about the weather?

  16. Greg

    Come on now, Mandxx, you guys don\’t have weather, just variations of grey.

  17. Mandy

    @Greg…….. LOL that\’s is especially true where I live!! But we did have a nice summers day last year!

  18. X-Evolutionist

    Nope, it is a big topic in Oklahoma. One minute you can be enjoying a nice, spring day, and the next minute the tornado sirens are going off, and it\’s time to get underground.

  19. X-Evolutionist

    I like to watch old movies, the ones in the 1940s especially. Every old movie that takes place in London, all you see is fog….

  20. Mandy

    Well, I guess, that makes marginally better off ……… no tornadoes(well only small ones by comparison!)

  21. Mandy

    @X Smog ? ….. nah we don\’t get those anymore haven\’t since I was a kid, they cleaned up the air in London quite drastically, by stopping coal burning, in homes and commercially, about 40 years ago!

  22. Bob

    @Mandxx Clean air in London…..The one in England right ;)………Hey I live in Arizona, the on in the US….we got your old bridge here. We also are starting to get your Roundabouts too, so far not like the Magic Roundabout in Wiltshire, which looks totally crazy but the local government is putting in the smaller ones.

  23. X-Evolutionist

    Mandy, I always thought it was London fog! Well, you learn something new every day! I\’ve been dangerously close to a tornado a few times. One ripped of a corner of a roof where I worked, but several years ago, one mowed down entire neighborhoods. It was awful.

  24. Mandy

    Yeah I\’ve been there, Bob, stayed at the London bridge Hotel (ithink?) On Lake Havisu (?) is it? memory is not what it used to be! BTW there is a story here in England, that the guy who bought London Bridge actually though he was buying Tower Bridge! (the fancy one) Little roundabouts ….. Hmm that must be hard for your trucks to negotiate! or do they just drive over the top?

  25. Mandy

    @X it was SMOG (SM out of smoke and the OG from fog)or a "pea souper" (because it was that thick) we still have fog, not so often now and not so thick

  26. Mandy

    I\’ve watched tornadoes on the tele and am always in awe! firstly at how powerful they are and secondly that anyone escapes from them!!

  27. X-Evolutionist

    Mandy,Some tornados are a lot worse than others. The big one May 9th a few years back, you only lived if you were underground. It was horrible. We dug a shelter in the floor of the garage. They have good maps on TV, though. Tornadoes go slow enough that you can track them, and get out of the way. But, if you are asleep, and don\’t hear the sirens, you could be in big trouble.In southern California, where I lived, there is a lot of smog. It burns your eyes. It\’s been nice being out of that mess. Nothing here in Oklahoma but blue skies (and tornadoes, ice storms, snow storms, floods…)

  28. Bob

    Well when I say little I am comparing to the giant in Wiltshire. Ours are just 2lanes in the circle with 4 inlets.Good memory though it,s Lake Havasu, in the last 5 or so years it has become the 3rd largest college spring-break party town so it is really crazy now, in fact the whole area of shoppes along the lake are being totally remodeled. I love the pictures and such I have seen of the UK and haved talk to my many mates I have on XBOX Live while gaming, and I would love to go their some day.

  29. Mandy

    HHmmm May 9th my birthday!! LOL that would have one to remember! I used to go to the states a lot with my ex (he was loaded) and have driven on different holidays from New YOrk to Key West, through Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, Califonia, Arizona, and I loved every minute of it. You lot are a genuinely friendly bunch (Apart from one Taxi driver in Vegas!!) Now not so well off, and the last holiday there, was diving in the Florida Key, 2 years ago!

  30. X-Evolutionist

    Mandy, wow, I\’ll bet that was fun. I haven\’t traveled much at all. The biggest trip, and the most states I\’ve been too, both happened 12 years ago when my hubby and I drove the UHaul from California to Oklahoma City. Every mile we went was the furthest east I had been in my life… and I have never gotten any further.

  31. Mandy

    Oh it was fun! But It is such a beautiful country! Funny thing about where you/we live though, is that people from other countries have probably seen more of it!I\’ve been lucky enough to travel to lots of different countries but haven\’t been to Scotland! or in fact further North than about 200 miles!

  32. Robin

    What an interesting variety of topic\’s. I bet we would all have a blast getting together for coffee or tea or a party. Laughing with you not at you my friend.

  33. Mandy

    I\’ll come!

  34. X-Evolutionist

    Everybody:You are all welcome to have a tea party right here every day, if you wish! I already thought up a fun topic for discussion for tomorrow. It is in a draft in my windows live writer. And, no! I\’m not going to tell! I\’ve been having a blast visiting with all of you!

  35. Bob

    I love surprises, Ive been bouncing between two of X,s posts and Greg\’s all this time and Im getting dizzy. What a great bunchof people.

  36. X-Evolutionist

    I\’m glad you are having fun Bobo!

  37. Mandy

    Yeah me too Bobo! have thoroughly enjoyed it but ER just starting must love you and leave you, for an hour at least!

  38. X-Evolutionist

    Oh, Mandy, I know how you feel. The world has to stop turning when Lost is on, like it was last night. First one of the new season.See you again!

  39. Robin

    I am off too, I will join you all for tea tomorrow. Can\’t wait to hear the new topic. Take care all…

  40. Mandy

    Our new season starts Sunday, but I sort Lost, lost, I mean it lost me a couple of seasons ago! but will watch this as it\’s the last and I have a need to see what it\’s all about!

  41. Tracey

    You\’ve never heard Canadians talk about the weather?? OMG it\’s all we go on about – too hot, too cold, too much snow, too humid, not enough rain, big storm coming FASCINATING stuff!!

  42. Tracey

    Grrr . . . l was looking at the wrong screen when l entered the last comment, LMBO, all out of context!!

  43. X-Evolutionist

    Mandy, Tracey, Robin, and everybody else. You are all invited to a party here tomorrow morning!

  44. Jen

    Hulooooo! Are we all back yet? Can\’t stop – doin\’ me washing. It\’s been raining (again) for most of the day. Now the sun is going down (like yesterday!) it decides to shine. Two hours of daylight left and I\’m supposed to get it all dry. No chance. Then there\’s me radio proggie to do for tomorrow. Heeeelp!

  45. X-Evolutionist

    Hi Jen, Looks you you are quite busy! I added "Today\’s Tea Time Topic on the next blog up". Want to contribute?

  46. X-Evolutionist


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