Stump the Creationist: A new Windows Live Group

A a great discussion is going on here in my Space: “Is it unscientific to believe in God?”

I want to continue the discussion in my new Windows Live Group “Stump the Creationist” I picked the name “Stump the Creationist” in homage to Johnny Carson’s “Stump the Band” years ago.

I am not afraid of challenges to my beliefs. I have an answer to every question, and it won’t come out of the Bible, unless that’s what you want.

In this group, you can start a discussion to challenge an aspect of my beliefs, or you can start a new discussion about your beliefs. Everybody is welcome.

My only request is for each of us to treat others with respect. It would be a really boring world if we all believed the same thing. Let’s all try to clear out the misconceptions others have about each of our beliefs.

“Stump the Creationist”

Question my beliefs, or share your own beliefs. Everybody is welcome!


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5 responses to “Stump the Creationist: A new Windows Live Group

  1. Happy

    Hello X. I think slowly. Did read the discussion re. God/science/faith. Thought. Just ended up at dead end because I wonder how science can prove Love. God is love, he so loved his children he gave his only begotten son, Jesus. Just what I thought after some processing. Peace be with you.

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