Is it unscientific to believe in God?

This is a repost of a blog a few years ago. Greg asked fellow members of All Things Live Group (formerly Hack MSN Spaces Group) to post a link to some favorite blogs of the past. I came across this one, and I decided to post it again:

I didn’t believe in God for many years. I believed what I heard: that life began by a process of time and chance and then developed further from there. I have since found out that there is very little justification for that.

I came to believe in God because I read a bunch of books that convinced me that the scientific evidence actually points towards the existence of God. Life is too incredibly complex to be a product of time and chance.

If you do not believe in God, do yourself a favor and see if you are right. Look and see if there is actual proof for what you have been led to believe about how life began.

I would like to recommend a book.  Each chapter is by a different scientist who gives evidence of things in his or field of science that cannot be explained by purely physical and natural means. You can read it for free, online:

In Six Days: Why 50 Scientists Choose to Believe in Creation

Please give me the benefit of the doubt and take a few minutes and check out one of the essays in this book. I honestly believe that there is scientific evidence that God exists. I’ve only believed in God for 12 years, I spent over forty years believing that life on earth was just a cosmic fluke with no point. I accepted a friend’s dare and started seeing if there was proof for what I believed. Boy, was I surprised. You’ll be surprised, too.


The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

Psalm 19:1

Copied from the other post:

The essential question regarding whether it Is unscientific to believe in God is this:

How did life begin”.

No matter what your answer is to that question, you must have faith to believe it.



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26 responses to “Is it unscientific to believe in God?

  1. Greg

    To me, faith is a very personal thing. Either you believe, or you don\’t. Asking someone in one group to explain their point of view to the other may be very interesting and entertaining, but it\’s not likely to change anyone\’s opinion. Nor should it. Beyond my immediate sphere of influence (namely, me), my only concern with matters of faith and those who believe is when they try to shape public or governmental policy.But that\’s the beauty of a platform of Windows Live. As my chem teacher used to say, "It takes alkynes to make the world" (bad organic chemistry joke). I\’d rather not be surrounded exclusively with people who think exactly like I do. Where\’s the fun in that?

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Speaking as someone who changed my strongly held belifs after the ago of 40, I have been on both sides of the situation. I\’m not here to criticize what anybody believes, especially when I believed the same for so long? But, I do have my space as a platform, and I do like to tell what I believe periodically. But, I am not a one trick pony. I am a lot more than a Bible believing Christian. I do not require my friends to agree with me. Heck, my own family doesn\’t agree with me. I like your chemistry pun. and I agree. The world would be pretty boring if we all thought the same on all topics. What would we talk about?

  3. Greg

    Well said, X. You\’re absolutely right. Your space is just that…yours. That\’s what I love about blogs; people can come and hear what you have to say, and if it resonates with them, then they\’ll come back for more. Regardless of whether I agree with what\’s said, I\’ll defend your right to say it to the end.

  4. X-Evolutionist

    Thanks, Greg! One thing I like about the Spaces community is that I don\’t get publically criticized for my beliefs I know I have a minority belief, and I know what it looks like to the outside, because I\’ve been there. But, I have not been "called out" they way I have been on message boards where I used to hang out. I have even gotten threats. That\’s why I have kept so anonymous. Here in Spaces, we all seem to get along despite our beliefs. It\’s a great community.

  5. Tracey

    Sometimes . . . when l observe nature l wonder how it came to be so perfectly . . . WONDER full if not by design. Then l see what a dramatic mistake we humans have been for this world. And l\’m just ok again with my belief that no design was done.

  6. Jen

    I came across your post quite by accident. Like you and Greg say, your space is exactly that; yours, and we\’re each given the chance to say exactly what we like, (I suppose, within reason?)I know many, many people who take great comfort in that they\’re not alone in this world, in other words, they believe Someone is watching over them and they have Someone to call upon in both good and bad times. That\’s a beautiful thought.My own comfort is having the chance to have a laugh and a chat with other Members of the Live Community. This may soon become the only place I can really talk to people and I love airing my views and blogging about news events, Live apps, etc. This is my great comfort. It\’s not "God" but having "Live" on my computer means that I\’m never completely alone and I love it.My Mum is a great believer. If you knew her, you might get on well.

  7. Fernando

    I know the question in the title is rhetoric, but the answer is YES …

  8. X-Evolutionist

    Thank you for contributing to the discussion!

  9. Mandy

    Faith by definition is belief without proof, Which ever way you look at it, whether you have faith, and what you have faith in, you don\’t need to have proof to believe in it!Whether it\’s unscientific to believe in God? Possibly but I doubt that Science and Faith are MUTUALLY exclusive

  10. X-Evolutionist

    I totally agree. I used to have faith that life began all by itself by a process of time and chance. At the time, I didn\’t think I had faith, I thought it was science. But, since there is no proof for it, and there\’s not, then it takes faith. I believe In the beginning God. I used to believe in the beginning the first cell. But, you are right, science and faith are not mutually exclusive. It\’s just how you interpret the scientific evidenece.

  11. Ed

    I think it unscientific NOT to believe in God. I\’ll explain: Science is always looking for answers, therefore for a scientist everything has to have a cause and effect. If you say that something happened for no reason, a scientist would look for the reason why it happened. Why did that leaf fall off then come to rest on the ground. A scientist would say that it\’s because it has gravity blah blah blah..but scientists seem completely happy with the IDEA/THEORY that the world just came about one day. Not very scientific if you ask me. Surely it has to have a cause for coming about- and that cause, In my opinion, was God. It is the commonly held opinion of most people in the West that the "big bang theory" was the actual cause for the earth being made. They won\’t even consider other ideas because this is how they are brought up nowadays- taught it in school/no religious upbringing etc. Many scientists won\’t even consider anything else, despite that idea having the word "theory" in the name. Theory means it hasn\’t been proved, yet they swear blind they are right.

  12. Robin

    I do not believe in the big bang theory by any mean\’s. I believe that God, "The Word" created the heaven\’s and the earth. He spoke it and it happened instantaniously maybe there was a big bang when that happened. The beauty of it is we will all find out when we die, which we will all do eventually. Unless the rapture come\’s first… Hmmm…

  13. Happy

    Hello. Thanks for (re-)post X-Evolutionist. Parked here awhile rethinking faith vs. reason conundrum. One of those tough binaries. One solves/resolves with faith? Perhaps Thomas Aquinas? To one who has faith, no explanation (or proof?) is needed. To one with, no explanation is possible? Thanks for thought space X. Appreciate all effort. God Bless.

  14. X-Evolutionist

    ANNOUNCEMENT!This discussion is being moved to my new group:Stump the CreationistQuestion my beliefs, or share your own beliefs. Everybody is welcome!

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