I was just able to edit my space, so Spaces is back up.

Just a quick note to post that Spaces is back up again. I had been getting this message all morning:

Sorry, Spaces is temporarily unavailable at this time.

Please try your request again, or if the problem continues to persist, please consult Help for additional troubleshooting tips.

But, I guess it is fixed now. I don’t know who long until it goes back down, so work fast!


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3 responses to “I was just able to edit my space, so Spaces is back up.

  1. Kimmy

    Oh my.. I knew some people were having trouble but I didn\’t know it was down completely for some. I\’ve been able to get on everyday this week but noticed things were with people. I sure hope it\’s for good this time!

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Lots of things have been down periodically. I\’ve been trying to update my profile description for a week or so.X

  3. Tracey

    Oh my gosh!! the problem l had yesterday just to go from one page to another was terrible. Today too – at the same time of day. 2pmAnd the other night at 4am.

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