Bummer. I put a sandbox gadget on my space, but I can’t edit it.

I just added an html sandbox gadget to my space. But, I can’t move it off to the side where I want it. Besides, I can’t put any data in it. Apparently, my site is down, since I keep getting the error messages, so how come the gadget page was able to install the gadget on my space. I guess the gadget page has more influence than I do.

Sorry, Spaces is temporarily unavailable at this time.

Please try your request again, or if the problem continues to persist, please consult Help for additional troubleshooting tips.

Any way, see that big white eyesore up there? There’s nothing I can do about it but post this rant.

I repeat. Bummer.


Well, I got it to take my gadget code, finally, but it is still an eyesore and sticks out like a sore thumb.


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12 responses to “Bummer. I put a sandbox gadget on my space, but I can’t edit it.

  1. Greg

    I can see an Amazon book widget in there, if that helps. It is a ridiculously disproportionate size, but it seems to be working. Hope they let you back in your space soon. Hang in there!

  2. X-Evolutionist

    Thanks for checking it Greg! Xhttp://X-Evolutionist.spaces.live.com/

  3. Robin

    Hello, I just went to look, your space is beautiful I really love it !! The widget look\’s allright maybe a little big, I can see why you might want to move it to the side. I hope it work\’s out. God bless, Robinhttp://cid-afaf8ce11cb117fb.spaces.live.com/

  4. Bob

    Same with me X. I have tried several Gadgets on my space but either get the look of the module to big and the gadget content too small or the reverse. I have tried different layouts with my soapbox video gadget which is to big to be on the narrow side and too small to be on the big side? I know the mods are set and cant be changed but wish that Gadget content would scale to the module you put it into.

  5. X-Evolutionist

    Thank you, Robin!X

  6. X-Evolutionist

    Bobo, I agree!X

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