I have a lovebird down my shirt…

Pipsqueak is a feisty little bird. He is a little bitty guy, about as tall as a parakeet, but half again as wide. But, as teeny as he is, he thinks he is a big shot. Strangely enough lovebirds are known for being aggressive. He picks on the cockatiels, who are twice as big, and he picks on Pipsqueak the Lovebirdthe parakeets except the one he is in love with. But….
This little guy loves to be cuddled! He bites like a son of a gun, but he calms down if he is cuddled in a small place.
He is the happiest when I wrap him in a paper towel, like a burrito, with his little head sticking out. Then I hold him on my chest (I’m in my lazy boy chair) and pet this little head with my thumb.
But, in times like now, I can’t pet a lovebird and type at the same time. So, I put him down my shirt. He likes it! He just sits there all happy. I peak down my neck at him and give him a kiss, and he is perfectly content. Silly little bird!
I have a lot of pets, and they all have different personalities. Some of them require a lot of Mom time, like Pipsqueak, Penny, my cockatiel, and Nicki and Belty, two of my dogs.
But, other pets don’t need Mom at all. Rufus is the one who needs Mom the least. He is way to independent to be spending time with me. But, he is in love with my hubby. Our elderly little girl dog, Lilly, has no use for Mom, because I am the competition. She is Daddy’s Girl, and she wants my hubby all to herself. She’s a snarly little thing, and bites me, but with Daddy, she’s an angel. She’s got my hubby wrapped around her little claw. Here’s a picture of Princess Cujo:
Princess Cujo
The parakeets are happy being just with each other, and same with my two bunnies. I interact with my parakeets and bunnies by just watching them play. My bunnies like to be let out to romp in the yard pretty often.
Anyway, I am spread pretty thin between all my pets, so I always have at least one bird or one dog with me in my lazy boy chair. This morning, it is Pipsqueak.


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13 responses to “I have a lovebird down my shirt…

  1. Kimmy

    Oh my goodness… you have comments enabled now! Awesome! Pipsqueak is a cutie! There\’s nothing like the love we have for our 4 legged babies. Hope you\’re staying warm and comfy up there!

  2. Technogran

    Such wonderful pictures! I love both of them!

  3. Tracey

    Oh his colours are beautiful! And it sounds like your menagerie is both a blessing, and blessed to have YOU.Now l\’m picturing little Pipsqueak happy inside your shirt as you type. (((Hugs)))

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