Somebody finally came out with a Dick Tracy cell phone

dicktracyI have been waiting and waiting for somebody to invent a Dick Tracy cell phone. When I was a kid, Dick Tracy was in the funnies with his two-way wrist-radio. Ever since cell phones came out, I’ll been waiting for a Dick Tracy version. I didn’t quite wait long enough. I finally got a cell phone about two months ago.

I haven’t worn a watch for years, but as soon as my cell phone breaks, and as soon as the Dick Tracy cell phone price comes down, I’m getting one. I’m a girl, but I do not carry a purse. I don’t want to carry a phone. I wear it around my neck so I don’t have to carry it or clip it to my belt, which I don’t wear.

Check out this article, pasted below for your convenience.

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LG Electronics Chief Technology Officer Woo Paik displays a wristwatch phone at a news conference during media day at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2009 in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Isaac Brekken)

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LG shows off `Dick Tracy’ wristwatch phone

By PETER SVENSSON – 1 day ago

LAS VEGAS (AP) — It looks like Dick Tracy may finally get his wristwatch cell phone, the one that does video calls.

LG Electronics Inc. plans to introduce a wrist phone later this year, giving reality a chance of catching up with the comic-strip hero who famously used a two-way “Wrist TV.”

Several manufacturers already make wristwatch phones, but the LG model would likely be the first that can do video calls. It has a built-in camera and full cellular broadband capabilities, the company announced Wednesday at the International Consumer Electronics Show. No price was disclosed.

As demonstrated by LG’s chief technology officer, Woo Paik, the phone is slightly more than half an inch thick and has a touch-screen interface with three buttons. It offers two hours of talk time on a single charge, Paik said.

LG didn’t announce a U.S. carrier partner Wednesday, and no U.S. carrier sells any of the existing wristwatch phones. However, LG is one of the largest phone suppliers to U.S. carriers, and the wrist phone would be compatible with AT&T’s network, so it could come to the U.S.

Neutrano Inc., a small Canadian manufacturer, was also at the show to demonstrate a wristwatch phone. It also has a touch screen, but lacks a camera and broadband capabilities. It will cost between $250 and $300, the company said.

With its tiny screen and short battery life, a wristwatch phone would be more suitable as a second phone, complementing more fully featured devices. U.S. carriers so far haven’t attempted to sell more than one phone to each customer, and their plans and billing systems aren’t designed for this. But in Europe, it’s not uncommon to have several different phones for different occasions.

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28 responses to “Somebody finally came out with a Dick Tracy cell phone

  1. Greg

    Nice post, X. Do you suppose it actually has, you know, a watch? Ironically, due to the advent of cell phones with clocks, I seldom wear a wristwatch anymore. LOL.

  2. Jen

    No way! Is this a wind-up? Hah! Wind-up. Geddit?

  3. X-Evolutionist

    @Greg: Yep, that\’s what I want. I had to delete spam for the last half hour to get down to this message in my "recent comments". X

  4. X-Evolutionist

    @Greg: That half hour of spam deletion was just from one prolific spammer who posted yesterday. X

  5. Greg

    See what happens when you take the day off, X. BTW, you have 3 spam links in your trackbacks below this post. See my post at to help you clean them out (sorry, I hope that doesn\’t qualify as spam). 🙂

  6. X-Evolutionist

    @Greg: Thanks. X

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