My hubby and I finally signed up with Netflix

My hubby and I like to watch movies, however we don’t like “going to the movies” for various reasons, the high cost being a major reason, but also the comfort. My hubby and I cannot get comfortable in movie seats. We both get too twitchy. Our lazy boy chairs fit us just right, and we get to put our feet up, pause the movie to get a snack, and have our pets with us.

So, we rent DVDs. We have a Redbox around the corner from our house. It’s a vending machine that rents new releases for $1.00 per day. Since it opened a few years ago, we thought it was a pretty good deal. 

But, then……

Now that we decided to bring the computer into the living room and connect it to the TV, it has brought new possibilities to mind. Now that Netflix started streaming video, that seemed worth checking into….

So, I looked into it and found out that for the same price as unlimited DVDs, one out at a time, (about nine dollars) you get unlimited streaming movies. Zowie, that sounded good to us.

So, we signed up for the two week free trial. I love it! My hubby is more of an audiophile and videophile than me. I’m used to watching old movies from the 1930’s and 1940s. I’m used to a less than perfect picture and soundtrack. But, my hubby needs a sharp picture for all the car crashes and people trying to out-run fireballs. We will save the action movies for the DVDs we order, but if we want to watch something on the spur of the moment, we can search by genre and play a streaming movie immediately.

Life in my lazy boy chair is getting better and better.


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