I’m having fun.

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Lookie what I made:

fun with baby blocks

I started with a picture of a stack of baby blocks. Then, in Paint Shop Pro, I made each letter a different file. Then, I put them in Windows Live Writer, one picture at a time. Once it was all done, I did shift/print screen to copy what I had done into the clipboard. Then, I went back to Paint Shop Pro and pasted the clipboard as a new image. Then, cropped it and saved it as a jpeg. Whew!

I am not a Paint Shop Pro expert at all, but my mother gave me her old copy, version 5, of it. I’m trying to learn how to use it. I would like to learn how to make fun picture effects like Jodi did when she made my banner with a picture of Rufus and a drawing of a pond. I have a lot of pictures both of our birds and other pets and of my backyard and pond. I’d like to make my own personalized banner, once I learn how to do the fancy stuff.

This would be really fun as a font, but I don’t have a clue how to make a font.

I first wanted to make this because I thought it would make a fun banner for my space. But, my space is all pink, and the primary and secondary colors would clash and make my eyes jumpy.

Anybody know how to make a font?


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