Happy Birthday Jesus!

To my Hubby and me, Christmas is not celebrated with snowmen, reindeer, jingle bells, elves and Santa. To us, it’s another day to be thankful that God chose to be born as a man, to live on earth, and die on earth, for his creation, mankind. Although nobody really knows on what day of the year Jesus was born, this is the day set aside as His Birthday. For some reason, we humans give each other gifts on Jesus’ birthday. I’ve never really figured that out, but by hubby and I get each other a gift, or get a joint gift, every Christmas.

At my house, it’s just me, my Hubby, and all the pets. I’m having a nice lazy Christmas with my Hubby. The kids are grown and away at college. They are in town for Christmas, so sometime this long weekend we will be getting together with them, we hope. They have busy lives, but we hope we will be able to round up all three to share a meal some time.

My hubby is taking a much deserved Christmas Day nap. The dogs, birds and I are waiting for him to wake up so we can play with him. Yippy, my hubby woke up. Time to play.

Happy Birthday Jesus! Thank you for everything good in our lives. Thank you even for our challenges, for without them, we would not be able to see you work miracles in our lives.



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