Day one of my wireless mouse and keyboard

I wrote the other day that because of my health I spend most of the time in my lazy boy chair. I also wrote that my hubby hooked up the computer in the living room so I could use the computer and sit in my chair at the same time. Previously, my computer was in my office, down the hall, where I worked for the seven years before I got sick. My boss sold me my work computer.

So, now you are caught up. Anyway, so the keyboard and mouse “almost” reached my chair. I had to sit up and lean over a little. Also, there was the extra temptation that my birds were attracted to. Wires!

So, yesterday, my hubby went out and bought our Christmas present – a wireless mouse and keyboard. Now, he can use it in his chair next to mine since before it wouldn’t reach. (His computer is broken and needs a new power supply that costs more than the computer is worth. – so we are now taking turns using this one.)

Now the review: The keyboard is nice. It’s one of those curvy ones that make it comfortable to type if your elbows are on the armrests of a lazy boy chair.

But, the mouse — this is going to take some getting used to. The mouse is big and heavy. I can’t find the “sweet spot”. The curser doesn’t move when my hand does. My old mouse with the wire, worked very well on my chair arm. But, the new mouse is very persnickety about the texture of the arm, I guess. I guess I will walk down the hall and get a mouse pad – next time I have to get up. Getting up is a big production number for me. I get so dizzy and out of breath, I plan all my journeys so I do several things on the same trip.

So, later this morning, I will visit the restroom, grab a mouse pad, get another cup of coffee and be suckered into giving my dog Belty, and whichever of my other dogs is awake, another goodie. “Come on, Mom, you’re getting a snack, can’t I have a snack? The doggie goodies are right around the corner”. I can’t say no to that sweet face.

And, also like I said the other day, Belty makes a great computer desk. When he joins me in my chair, his rump raises my keyboard to a nice tilt.

Wow, this ended up long. Wish me luck with the mouse. Oh, one thing I like, one of the buttons on the side brings up a magnifying glass. One thing about this set up is that the TV is far away, and the type on some pages is teensy. I love the magnifying glass feature. I just need to get the mouse to work on my lazy boy chair arm.

You get a prize for reading this far down.


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