X-Evolutionist — Civil Engineering Technician in Oklahoma City …. When should I change that?

Hi Everybody,

I was just at my profile and read the top where it says Civil Engineering Technician in Oklahoma City. To tell the truth, I haven’t done any civil engineering technician-ing for over a year. I’ve been sick. I’ve gone into it some already in my space.

My job was very technical, and I loved it. I started as a draftsman, learning on the job, in 1976. So, I’ve worked a LONG time, working my way up gradually to a position of great responsibility.

Until last year, I had been working at home on this computer for seven years. I was the only employee of an engineer, and I designed roads, and plugged in his bridges. Between the two of us, we prepared many sets of construction plans.

I would see my boss once or twice a year, and communicated through email, telephone and fax. I really, really loved my job. My spare room in this house was my empire. I knew what needed to be done, and I was in control. No boss looking over my shoulder. It was great.

Then, I got sick. I couldn’t remember how to do things. It was very scary and embarrassing. I asked my boss for a leave of absence thinking a break would be good for me.

Well, I haven’t worked in over a year. It turns out that I lost my mind because of this pesky lung disease. My lungs weren’t getting any oxygen to my brains. It took a while for my body to get bad enough to see what the problem was.

Belty makes a good computer deskMeanwhile, my boss got tired of waiting. Since I did half of the work, he closed up shop and got a job working for somebody else. So, I can’t even do my job now if I wanted to. He even sold me the computer I had used for my work.

So here I am in my Lazy Boy chair on oxygen. My lung disease is perfectly manageable with the oxygen. I’m not getting worse. My brains are working just fine. It’s just my body that isn’t being cooperative lately.

My hubby brought the commuter into the living room and connected it to our TV. My lap is my computer desk, and the arm of the chair is my mouse pad. Sometimes my dog Belty is my computer desk. He loves to sit in my Lazy Boy chair with me sometimes. His behind tilts up my keyboard just right.

So, what am I? Am I still a civil engineering technician? I was one for many years. I know I am not retired, because being retired sounds like you have a retirement check.

I have been sick, and being sick costs money. We are a two income family who have been living on one income for over a year. So, being “retired” is not really what I feel like.

But, most likely, I will not be able to work again, unless I get another civil engineer ing technician job at home. I’m pretty weak, and wear out easily. As long as I am in my Lazy Boy chair, I am self sufficient. Thankfully, I have a hubby who loves me and takes care of me.

So, I’m not retired, and I’m not a housewife. Housewives do chores. I sit in a Lazy Boy chair. Oh well.

So. anybody want to hire an experienced civil engineering technician to telecommute? I work well without supervision. I know MicroStation and Eagle Point. I still know AutoCAD, too, but haven’t used it lately. My computer has the first two programs, My boss was the bridge expert, but I’m just dandy at road profiles, plans and cross sections.

I made Microstation and Eagle Point my slave. I had it all set up just the way I wanted. I customized it exactly the way I wanted. I still have the computer, and the settings are saved. I was so good that my boss didn’t need anybody else in his company any more. I have a 11×17” laser printer, a fax machine, and a screaming internet connection. I’m ready to go back to work.

You get a gold star for reading this far down.



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