Your code won’t work in a blog entry? HTML Sandbox to the rescue!

(For an excellent beginner’s lesson in HTML, check out this site: Getting started with HTML)

I was just telling a friend how to load up code if it won’t work in a blog entry. I thought while I’m at it, I will post it to share it with others. I recommend the HTML Sandbox Gadget. It is similar to the Custom HTML Module available in your space under Customize/Modules, but it runs more types of code.

Here is the description of it on the download page:

“This HTML Sandbox gadget was created by the Windows Live Spaces team. It allows you to present and view most valid HTML content, except Javascript on your or spaces page. Install the gadget and then you can place any valid HTML code into the gadget. This is most useful for Flash based gadgets or widget from other websites including slideshows, videos, etc..”

If you find that your code won’t work in the HTML Sandbox, there is one more thing to try: IFrames! (thank you to Mark Slack for teaching me about IFrames.) The quick explanation is that you put the code elsewhere on the internet and then call into a “frame” in your space. Here’s the longer explanation:

(By this point, the HTML Sandbox is already on your space and in the edit mode)

Load up your code in a free website such as If has free web space available, I don’t know about it. (Personally, my internet provider gives a little web space, so I use that for my Spaces Stuff.)

Here is a sample bit of IFrame code from my Space. It’s for my Google Search Box:

<iframe name="bwindow" scrolling=no align=middle  width=175 height=80 marginheight=0 marginwidth=0 frameborder=1 src="”>

Insert your url where my url is in the example. Then, edit the width and height numbers until the frame is around your “whatever it is your code is for”. Once everything shows up great, change the frameborder to 0 to turn off the frame.


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