I just found out about AlphaInventions.com!

Yesterday, I looked at my Space Stats and found out that I had gotten visitors to my Space from a site called “AlphaInventions.com” I don’t know how it got listed, but I’m happy it did! Somehow or other, this site shows updated blogs in real time, continuously, one blog after an other. Check it out. From what I’ve experienced so for, listing with AlphaInventions.com lets a lot more potential friends find you!

Edited to add:

Hello to visitors from AlphaInventions.com! Thank you for coming to take a peak.  I am X-Evolutionist in cyberspace, but please call me ”X” for short. I’m a born again Christian married lady.

My blog is laid back, it’s a place to relax. I blog about the things I like, and fun things that happen. Below you will see some of the things I like to talk about: Do we have any of these in common? Let me know!


Rufus the Wonder Bird! - my most outspoken pet   I have many pets    My hubby built me a backyard fishpond

My Pretty Penny - constant companion   I love to crochet!   Lots of birds come to my fishpond

I have quite a few pet birds   Dogs are one of God's finest creatures   Nicki is the pet we've had the longest

Message me here!    Hey, X! Why do you believe in God?

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