Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

UPDATE! We are no longer having to consider finding new homes for our birds!

I told you earlier here and here about finding out I have lung problems, and that I was told by the doctors to get rid of my birds. My doctors thought the birds were causing my breathing problems, since they do bother some people that way.

Once my hubby got the carpets out (and the old mold we found under them), we have noticed a difference in the “air quality”. In our humble opinions, the old carpets and old mold under them is what caused my breathing problems, NOT our birds.

My family doctor is pretty sure that I have a bad case of “Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease”, but she sent me to a pulmonologist for more tests just in case. I will be having a high tech test soon.

Anyway, my breathing is manageable enough on oxygen. So, my extended family of Rufus (Congo African Grey), Penny and Jonah (cockatiels), Pipsqueak (Lovebird) and the parakeets will all stay! (We already lost Peanut Boy, our Timneh African Grey parrot recently.)

We appreciate your thoughts and prayers!


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