Lost in translation: Haus von Rufus der Wunder-Vogel!

I noticed this morning on my Statistics page that somebody in Germany had translated my space. I got a kick out of seeing my "Welcome" module become this:


Hallo! Mich anrufen „X“.
Für danke
Besuchen meines Raumes!

Haus von Rufus
der Wunder-Vogel!

"Home of Rufus the Wonder Bird" became "Haus von Rufus der Wunder-Vogel!" Just for kicks, I Translated that back into English. It came out to be: "House of Rufus the Miracle Bird!" Tee hee.

This reminds me of something else. There is a fun site called Lost in Translation that will translate text from one language to the next, back into English, then to the next, and so on. It’s like playing the game "Telephone" where you start saying a sentence and whisper it to one person, to the next, etc, and at the end of the circle come out with something entirely different.

For example, I just translated

"Spaces is a fun place to hang out."

on Lost in Translation, and it came back with: "

"The station of the work is a place to the friction of the safeguard."

What in the heck?

Try it, it’s fun!


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