Life with a pet who talks!

This morning, I heard that my African Grey Parrot, Rufus, learned a new animal sound. We were outside and he heard a ring necked dove cooing and then did the call himself. I decided to make a new List on my space of all the things he can say. (I made it with the Book List as it is the only list that sorts alphabetically).

Rufus had already lived with another family before I adopted him. His owners had divorced, and sad to say, neither one of them wanted him. (I would guess that it is because he talks in each of their voices.)

Rufus striking a pose

Rufus striking a pose

Rufus could already talk quite a bit before I adopted him. He’s really good at using words in context. His species is well known for being able to do that. He has learned quite a lot of additional words since he’s lived with me and my hubby, too.

Rufus also has a great love for animal sounds. He likes for me to tell him what each is called so he can say them on cue. The only one that he can do consistently on cue is whine like a puppy. That is his favorite animal sound. But, he is learning all the time. He loves to learn new things.

The list is not complete. I can’t remember everything he can say. I will be adding more as I hear them and as he learns new ones.


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