I’m still working on my space.

Mark Slack posted on his space how to add scrolling text and buttons with rollover capability to our Sandbox Gadget. (Thanks, Mark!) The Sandbox Gadget, a relatively new option, can run Java Script, in addition to html.

I really like what can be done, but I have two problems with the Sandbox: First, it says "Sandbox". That’s a bummer. You can’t turn it off like with the Custom html Module. Second, you can’t have it wide and on top like the Custom html Module where my banner and blue buttons are. What I would really like would be to have my banner and blue buttons just like they are, but have them be rollover capable and add a scrolling message. Oh, well, I’m dreaming again.

Thanks go out to my hubby who knows Java Script and adapted Mark’s instructions for my exact needs. Thanks, Sweetie! xxx ooo xxx!


Edited to add:

The Sandbox seriously needs to be bigger! I redid my buttons, but I don’t like them. I can’t fit what I want to say in the area available and have it big enough to read. I want the Sandbox to be wider so you can use it across your space, but it only takes up half of the width of my center column. So, I have to keep it on my side column where it is too teensy to be of much use to me.



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