How to brush a dog:

I just finished brushing Nicki. She needs to be brushed regularly since she sheds a lot. (I’d rather brush her regularly than vacuum up dog hair regularly.)

Nicki on my hubby's leg

Poor Nicki has always been a scaredy-dog. Everything upsets her. We adopted her as a scared four month old abandoned puppy. We’ve had her for ten years, but she’s hardly mellowed out at all. We also have Belty and Lily, both also adopted and about ten years old. Belty and Lily don’t shed and don’t need to be brushed as often, but they help me when I brush Nicki:

How to brush Nicki:

Step one: Start brushing Belty. (Belty is easy going and a very good boy. We say that God gave us Belty as our reward for taking care of Nicki.)

Step two: When Nicki gets jealous and comes over to get what Belty has … Brush Nicki until she cries and runs away.

Step three: Start brushing Lily. (Lily is our newest family member, just adopted six months ago, and Nicki is jealous of her.)

Step four: When Nicki gets jealous of Lily and comes back … Finish brushing Nicki.

Sounds fun, huh?


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