It is cold, rainy, windy and icky outside.

I am so thankful that I work at home! I’m looking out my office window and it looks really dreary. I’m so happy I don’t have to drive to work any more!

Don’t worry though, I paid my dues first! I drove to work for 30 years before I was given the opportunity to do my work at home. I used to work in an office with the same person who is my boss now. He asked if I would mind working at home. Mind?? Mind?? Heck no! I won’t mind working at home!

My boss works out of his home now, too. We use phone, email and fax to communicate. I draw construction plans with computer aided drafting, and I send my work to him in emails. We’ve been doing it this way for about four years. I like it very much!

Any way, I’m so happy I get to sit in my office and look at the cold, rainy, windy and icky day and I don’t have to drive it it any more!


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