My first blog entry with my new glasses!

Well, I’ve got my new glasses on. I wrote about it the last two blog entries, after this I’ll try not to bore you with it any more.

Anyway, my hubby took time off work to drive me to get my glasses. I didn’t want to drive with them on since the prescription is so different, and also, I wanted to look at he scenery on the way home to see the difference……

Wow! I can see birds a lot better now! I’ve been a bird watcher for twenty or so years, and I hadn’t noticed my vision had gotten so bad! The birds look great with my new glasses.

They will take some time to get used to. I already have had to take them off to finish this post. I have to hold my head back too far to see the screen with the glasses on. I got the graduated deal, where there are unlimited focal lengths. It’s the same as trifocals, but without the two lines. Any way, I like the glasses for outside, but not for the computer just quite yet. I’m looking forward to seeing what TV and movies look like, now. Well, it IS my day off. I think I’ll go watch a movie that I taped.


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