Yep, I was right about needing trifocals. Bummer!

I complained (I mean blogged) yesterday about getting my eyes checked and probably needing trifocals. Yep, I was right. That’s what the doctor said I need. (I guess I am officially middle-aged now) He rigged up some sample glasses in his office just to show me how my closeup vision would look like with glasses. I could read really tiny print with the rigged up glasses.

Zowie! I had no idea my eyes had gotten so bad. I could still read, but it was getting to be more difficult. As a crossword puzzle junkie, my closeup vision is very important to me! I was having to hold puzzles further and further away from my eyes to be able to focus.

Oh, I also need to see well for doing my job, as well as for doing crossword puzzles. Tee hee. I do computer aided drafting and I kept finding myself leaning closer and closer to the computer to see it well.

Up till now, I’ve had my glasses hanging on a cord around my neck since I only needed them for far away. Now, the doctor says I need to wear them all the time. Bummer.


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