We haven’t seen our box turtles much, lately.

Free range box turtles

Timmy and Tommy both want the same strawberry

We have two box turtles who roam free in the backyard. They can have all the bugs and greenery that they want, and we supplement their diet with fresh fruit and vegetables and canned dog food. They have learned that mom and dad bring out good things to eat, and often when we are outside one or both will run up to see what we brought out for them. Yes, really!

Well, it’s starting to get cool outside, so they are not as active. We only see them about every other day, now. Soon, they will pick a comfy hole and dig in for the winter. (They have dug several hidey holes in the yard) They will be fine as this is how God designed them.

They are used to living outside. We found them last spring in a dangerous situation, crossing the road, and took them home to be safe in our large fenced yard. (It is legal to do that in our state, in case you wonder) So now Timmy, the male, and Tommy the female, are our free range box turtles.


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