Online Creation Videos – Watch Free!

Here is a great set of Creation Videos (click here) that can be watched online. Here is a list of the videos on that page:


  • Seminar Part 1: The Age of the Earth
  • Seminar Part 2: The Garden of Eden
  • Seminar Part 3: Dinosaurs and the Bible
  • Seminar Part 4: Evolution: Lies in the Textbooks
  • Seminar Part 5: Evolution and Other Movements
  • Seminar Part 6: The Theory
  • Seminar Part 7: Question and Answer Session


I do not agree with everything the speaker says, but the scientific evidence for the existence of God is excellent.


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33 responses to “Online Creation Videos – Watch Free!

  1. X-Evolutionist

    @Toby: The videos I have linked on this page were intended to be made available for free. I\’m not sure that the sites you linked are in the same category. X

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