My first blog entry with Windows Live Writer

This is a test!

I just heard about Windows Live Writer in one of the "Space Shuttles" of The Space Craft team blog.

Here is the new blog about it:

According to what I’m reading about it, it’s a WYSIWYG blog composer tool. Your text and pictures can be added and edited in a more user friendly fashion. It’s just a beta for now, but I just downloaded it now.

One thing I like already is that it lets you do right click cut, copy and paste, which you cannot do in a blog entry.

Oh, wow, I just put in a picture at random (some crocheted animals I made) and I didn’t have to use a bunch of html to resize it. I just dragged it. And you can link your picture to something easily, again with no html code.

Hmm. I couldn’t figure out how to define a custom color, and I couldn’t decide which of the standard colors to use. I’ll play again tomorrow.

Oh, wow! It’s got spell check! OK, time to post this now.


(Please leave comments to me in my Guestbook. Thank you!)


Is the picture still there? The blog pictures were added to a new blog album automatically. I removed the album, but I’m not sure it makes the images disappear, too. Just in case, I replaced the picture of Rufus, above, with a picture from Photobucket. I left this one as a test)

Edited to add:

Thank you, Elaine, for telling me this picture was a red "X".

I edited this entry to link to pictures offsite. I talk about why in my blog entry called "Another picture of Casper the Friendly Fish". I’m not very happy with the "insert picture" feature.\


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