Another picture of Casper the Friendly Fish

I’m still playing with the new Windows Live Writer (see previous blog for info), so I’m going to post yet another blog entry today just for practice, oh, and to show off my cute fish.

I posted earlier about my albino goldfish named Casper.  He’s one of my grown up baby fish. He was hatched here last year. Here’s a better picture of his handsome self:

Casper the Friendly Fish (Click picture for larger image)

I’ve decided not to use the "insert picture" function on Windows Live Writer. I am still using the tool, but I’m switching to html and putting in a link to a picture offsite at my Photobucket account. I found out that blog photos get added to a blog photo album. I just deleted a bunch of pictures from my albums recently because my space was too slow. I do not want to add more pictures at this time.

If anybody else is playing with this, please let me know how it’s working for you.


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