Finally a picture of a White Winged Dove!

White Winged Dove (click for larger image)

Hi Everybody!

I finally got a picture of a White Winged Dove at my pond! The dove is standing on a rock just in front of the waterfall. This variety of dove is rare in my area, but lately I’ve seen them at my pond occasionally  …. just never when I have my camera with me!


Our Backyard (click for larger image)

This is my view from our back patio. The fishpond that my hubby built for me is a wild bird paradise. Wild birds come all day long for a drink and a bath.  It is a real joy for me to sit outside and just watch the goings on at the pond. Thanks Sweetie for building me my pond!

Just below the "My Favorite Movies" list to the left I have my "Backyard Bird List". I am gradually adding pictures to this list as I take them.

I would love to hear from other birdwatchers to see what birds you have in your area.


(Please leave comments to me in my Guestbook. Thank you!)



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