Pictures of our free range turtles

Hi Everybody!

We have two box turtles who have free run of the yard. I love to have critters around me, the more the merrier!

The turtles have very different personalities. Tommy loves to hang out in the shade on the patio where we hang out in the mornings and evenings. She likes to be with us, but she is still a little afraid and closes her hinged shell if we come too close.

Timmy, on the other hand, is fearless.  If he is on the way someplace, and the dogs are in his path, he just barrels on though like a little armored tank. He also loves to bury himself in mulch during the heat of the day, and then go roaming in the afternoon.

They can have all the bugs that they want to catch, but we also supplement their diet with a bit of canned dog food and vegetable scraps. Tommy loves broccoli and strawberries. Timmy is more the carnivore and loves the dog food mostly.


 Tommy Turtle

Timmy Turtle


Tommy likes to hang out in her pagoda on the patio. Don’t tell her it is really a barbecue. She thinks it’s a little house just for her.

Tommy in her pagoda

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