It’s my favorite time of year

House sparrow
A female house sparrow at our pond’s waterfall.

This is the time of year that baby birds are leaving the nest and starting to explore the world. We have a pond in our backyard that my hubby made me, and the birds come there a lot for a drink and a bath. Well, now the baby birds are coming with their and learning how to take their first bath.
The other day there were seven baby starlings all on the top of the waterfall just looking around and wondering what to do. The parents were probably looking on from the nearby tree.
The parents watch the babies until the babies look like they will be alright on their own. But, in the meantime, the parents still feed the babies occasionally while teaching them where to find food and water.
I just love to sit on my patio and watch the goings on at the pond. It’s very therapeutic after a long day at work.
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