Wild birds dining at the pond

Great Tail Grackle
A male Great Tail Grackle visiting our pond.

I have a lot of wild birds that come to our pond. They come to get a drink or to take a bath. They even bring a picnic with them quite often.

Some of the biggest birds, the Great Tail Grackles, will bring pieces of dry dog food from elsewhere in the neighborhood. They soak it in the pond until it is soft enough to eat. I get a kick out of watching them!
The water is constantly moving in the pond as there is a waterfall at one end and an intake for the pump at the other end. If the bird just drops the food in it might float away. But, they are quite dilligent about standing there and keeping an eye on the food and picking it up as it starts to float away and putting it back down in the water closer to them again. Then, when it is just right they eat it and have a drink to wash it down.
I am so happy that my hubby built me this pond!


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