I’ve added more pictures of my parrots.

A few weeks before we finally broke down and bought a digital camera, my mother was here for a visit. While she was here, she took more pictures of my birds.
I didn’t have Peanut Boy when she visited last time. She took some great pictures. I’ve added a lot of them to my "Pets!!" photo album. (Thank you, Moma!)
Here’s a new picture of Peanut Boy:

Peanut Boy<br>Timneh African Grey Parrot
Peanut Boy
Timneh African Grey Parrot

He still looks a little bit tore up because he is recovering from being a feather picker. An older picture and his biography is on my parrot site:
He has gotten a lot better since my old pictures were taken a couple of years ago. I only had a couple of pictures of Peanut Boy before now, and they were cropped from pictures that I got for free at Walgreens Drug Store on Free Pet Picture Day. They are the ones on his bio page.

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