Dolly Llama and Donkey Odie

Hi everybody!

My hubby took me for a drive in the country yesterday. I love to see all the animals………
We live in a residential neighborhood — very close to everything we need. Our street is a very quiet street, but if we drive a minute we have a major intersection with the drugstore, video store, post office, doctor very nearby, and grocery stores and hardware stores just a couple of minutes further.
My hubby would like to live in the country, but I like living so close to everything. For instance: This morning there was not enough milk for breakfast and my hubby made a five minute round trip to the drug store to pick some up.
Anyway, back to the drive in the country……..
Whenever we drive in the country we will see signs saying Goats for Sale or Llamas for sale and I always say "I want one!"  So he tells me (again) that I could really have one if we lived in the country. I reminded my hubby how many pets I would have if we lived on land zoned for livestock.
I would have goats, llamas, donkeys, of course a horse like my friend Sue: (, among many other animals. After all, I’ve already got some of the names picked out.
He’s not quite the animal lover that I am…. Suddenly, he wasn’t in the mood to live in the country…………..


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