I’ve been tagged!

I’ve been tagged by Magda
Now I have to reveal my six weird characteristics.
1. I don’t eat animals.
2. I don’t wear makeup.
3. I will watch a movie I know nothing about as long it is old and in black and white.
4. I am an evil stepmother.
5. I wear Birkenstock sandals every day of the year, as long as the snow isn’t higher than the edge of the shoe.
6. My favorite TV show of all time is Lost
Ok, these are my six weird habits…Now it’s your turn! I will type my 6 victims’ names down here. And if they find time, they’re politely asked to do the same thing – to reveal their 6 peculiar features.
Don’t forget to indicate six next persons to attend the game and to inform them they have been tagged by you! 
And remember, you cannot tag the person who tagged you.
I’m going to tag:

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