Does riding a bicycle exercize your arms?

It does if you have to use a hand tire pump to pump up your tires first!
I haven’t riden my bicycle all winter. I have been a couch potato with all the sleet, ice, snow, freezing rain, etc etc. My tires were totally flat before I pumped them up. I put the tire pump in the basket and took it with me just to be sure……
Today just looked like a nice day to go bike riding. Boy, am I ever out of shape! One trip around the block and I barely made it. My street is on a hill. Going down it is fine, it’s the going up that is a little more difficult. I already have taken a "power walk" today, so I might have fatiqued my legs. (yeah, right).
It was snowing a few weeks ago and today it is 92 degrees, pretty hot for April! I would have liked it to stay spring for a while, but it went straight from winter to summer this year. Bummer.
Edited to add:
I’ve been reminded that Oklahoma is flat as a pancake. OK, you got me. That is how much of a couch potato I was during the winter. I could hardly ride my bike up a slight grade.
Also edited to add: I forgot to mention that I have a one speed bike. I like cruiser bikes. I don’t like fiddling with the gears, but it makes it harder to get up hills, or slight grades……..


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