Adventures in bird watching!

Now that it is getting nice outside, it is time again to sit outside with my binoculars to do some backyard birdwatching. We get a lot of wild birds stop by because because we have the goldfish pond. They come to get a drink and to take a bath.
I was looking at a tree branch in the next yard while adjusting the focus…… AND a flock of Cedar Waxwings flew right into view and landed where I was focused on! I had only ever seen one other Cedar Waxwing in my whole birdwatching life. I was really jazzed!

Cedar Waxwing:

 Later, I saw a Dark Eyed Junco and a House Finch within minutes of each other. Both of these birds are rare in my yard. I rarely see either one, much less both!

Dark Eyed Junco:

House Finch:

It was quite an evening for me! Sitting and enjoying the outdoors, even in my own backyard, is when I see God the most. I see God everywhere I look: in the trees, the sky, the birds, even my pet fish, birds and dogs….. Everywhere I look I see God’s fingerprints on his designs.
While I am on the subject, this "event" prompted me to put a list of birds I have seen in my back yard on my space. I’m adding that next.

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