I’m jonesing for a digital camera.

We had such a beautiful snowfall yesterday that I was really wanting to take a picture of our fishpond and the waterfall with snow all around. It was a winter wonderland in Spring! (There are pictures of our fishpond right after we built it last year in my photo album. We have since added some bushes around it)
The snow is all melted already. (Weather changes quickly in Oklahoma!) It was so beautiful!
We don’t have a camera, but we’ve been wanting one. They were very expensive the last time I looked.
I don’t buy many "toys" because we have to be thrifty, but I sure would have liked having one. I asked Roadpup for recommendations. He’s a photographer, and an all round nice guy. Here’s his space:
He has a lot of his photographs in his photo album. If you visit his space, tell him X sent you. His recommendations to me are in my guestbook if you’d like to see them.


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