Birdwatching in the backyard.

I am an amateur birdwatcher. (I was a birdwatcher for many years before I got any pet birds.) Ever since my hubby built the fishpond last year, our backyard has been a great place to see birds. The pond has a waterfall and a shallow little stream heading down the pond. The little stream is just right for birds to take a bath.


Looking out my kitchen window, I quite often see birds taking a bath in the stream. Many Great Tailed Grackles have been bathing the last few months. Also, many Starlings have come, plus a few Robins, a few Mourning Doves, a House Finch once in a while, many House Sparrows, and a Dark-Eyed Junko once in a while. Yesterday the Common Grackles showed up again. It’s never a dull moment in my own back yard.



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