There was Tornado Watch last night.

It has been so cold that I was looking forward to spring. But, I’ve been so looking forward to spring, that I forgot what spring brings: Tornadoes. We are entering tornado season now.
This California Girl is plenty used to earthquakes. But, I live in Oklahoma now and after nine years the thought of a tornado makes me jumpy. We built a tornado shelter, a small hidey hole under the garage floor, a few years back. That is hunky dorry, but all my animals won’t fit. If there comes a point that we need to get in the tornado shelter we can’t take everybody with us.
Me, my hubby, the two dogs, the two parrots and the two cockatiels will probably squeeze in. But I have 13 parakeets and a lovebird in a large flight cage with a lot of "elbow room". We do have a hallway in the center of the house that would be the most secure. I will roll them there, if the time comes.
I do love Oklahoma, though. My hubby’s children live here. That’s why we moved here. Besides, Oklahoma has beautiful blue sky when there are no storms, that is.

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