I was sick yesterday.

I woke up with a bad sinus headache yesterday. I got out an all day allergy pill for me and one for my hubby. My hubby asked where the pill was that I got him. For some silly reason, I must have accidentally swallowed both!
Boy, it made my sinus headache worse! I was all dried out. Sinus headaches make me feel sick to my stomach. I don’t know if that happens to others or not. Anyway, I didn’t get any work or play done yesterday.
I hate taking medicine, anyway. I don’t drink or take drugs, either. So, I’m a real lightweight when I do get side affects to medicine.
I still do not feel one hundred percent. But, I hope to get some work done today. I work at home so I can set my own hours as long as I get my work done. I started a new project on Monday. I got the survey to start a brand new set of construction plans. That’s my favorite part of my job, setting up a whole set of construction plans. So, I have some fun in front of me once I feel some better.


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4 responses to “I was sick yesterday.

  1. Sue

    Hope you are feeling better.  I too am a Christian who believes that God created the heavens and the earth and that animals reproduce after their own kind.  I haven\’t read all the books you have about it though but I\’ve heard Ken Ham tapes.
    I have had a little look at your site about why you believe in God, I also long for others to believe in Him and experience that wonderful added dimension to their lives.
    I am also a real animal lover, I once had a budgie called Sky who bonded to me but extremely sadly she was killed by Keiko our blue burmese cat and it was my fault.  Sky taught me to love birds of all kinds and to realise how social and intelligent they are.  I don\’t keep a bird because of our cats but I love to watch the wild ones. 
    I\’m sure I shall come and revisit your site! with love  Sue x

  2. DW

    Hey X… sorry to hear you\’re under the weather. I\’m like you… hate taking medicine. Since I\’m not a good Christian, I don\’t have an issue with taking a shot of vodka to help kill any germs in my system. Never done drugs myself… never had a desire to escape from life. Not much of a drinker either, but will have a beer with a meal from time to time.
    Hope you get to feeling better as the pills wear off.

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