Reasons Why I believe in God………

1 Peter 3:15
Peter said: “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” I am sharing the many reasons for the hope that I have on this list. Reasons Why I Believe in God
I did not believe in God for over 40 years. My website has the things I learned that convinced me that God exists and how I came to be a Christian. In addition to my testimony, my site has many links to articles by scientists who support creation.
An excerpt from my favorite book……
What does the Bible really say about creation? Read it here.
This entire book can be read online. Each chapter is written by a working scientist and tells what aspects of their scientific field cannot be explained by without God.
Top Ten Questions about creation, (and many other topics)
This page is jam packed with links to interesting articles. about science and creation. (Yes, science and creation can co-exist)
The Answers Book — Read online
This entire book is online. It has questions and answers about how creation fits with carbon dating, dinosaurs, and other stuff.
Books, online books and online videos
I read a lot of books that, over time, convinced me that God exists. A list of these books is here, plus a list of books that can be read online for free. There’s also a link to watch a series of videos for free.
My Testimony
How did I come to believe in God?
What’s so bad about believing in evolution, anyway?
Read about Ota Benga.This man was put on display in the zoo.

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  1. DW

    I can deal with the humidity much better than I can the sub-zero cold. Today\’s temp is going to climb to 32ºF today. I was out playing with Keylock with just a short sleeve shirt, it\’s that nice… even with tons of snow on the ground. Feels like it\’s closer to the mid-50\’s than the low 30\’s. It\’s the dry air I think that helps it feel warmer than it really is.
    My biggest concern when Brenda finally moves with me to Oklahoma is how well she will be able to handle the humidity as well. She\’s lived in the part of Canada for her entire 39 yrs.

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