Anybody watch “Lost” last night?

I am seriously addicted to the television show Lost. There is never a dull moment on that show!
Are there any other fans here?
4 8 15 16 23 42
Yep, I have a serious addiction to this show. There are worse things to be addicted to, I guess.


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5 responses to “Anybody watch “Lost” last night?

  1. DW

    Never have watched the show. Spent a little time watching some HGTV before playing on the \’puter while Brenda watch American Idol which I can\’t stand.
    Tonight though is Beyond the Bull on TLC, one of the few shows I truly enjoy these days.

  2. Flower

    Hi X. It\’s Flower from Hack MSN Spaces Forums. I\’m a big fan of LOST myself. Can\’t wait for it to come back on TV in England again. It\’s very addictive. Just thought I\’d drop by and say hi. Lovely pets u have. I have 8 cats and used to have a Newfoundland dog but she died in August last year. I miss her so much. Hope all is well with u.
    Love Flower xx

  3. Nick

    hey, just checking out your space from the hack msn forum.  noticed you like lost – its pretty big here in britain too, well, untill the last episode was shown at the bigining of the year, its not back on untill the summer I dont think. The last episode was where the fat guy saw the numbers on the side of the bomb before it blew up, then they were going to disapear down a cave. what series is that? lol
    anyway, take care

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