There’s a new water lily leaf in the pond!

My hubby called me out to the backyard this morning. He saw a new, baby water lily leaf growing from the bottom of the goldfish pond. The plants had all looked dead since it got cold, but now, obviously, at least one water lily plant is alive.
Yay! Spring will be here soon!

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One response to “There’s a new water lily leaf in the pond!

  1. jjordan2520

    I love Calvin and Hobbes and The Far Side but I never saw the pointin Casablanca.  I think anyone who names a car is making a serious mistake.  When it wears out there\’s too much pathos attached to selling it.
    My first car was a blue Corvair convertible.  I\’ve never forgiven Ralph Nadar.  I\’m a penny loafer/kahki person.  Wouldn\’t be caught dead near a Birkenstock store.  I make quite a few jokes about Birkenstock wearing 5 chord guitar players.  Fortunately they seem to have a good sense of humor.
    My grandmother had family in Shawnee.  One of her brothers came out one time and my father took him to see the Atlantic Ocean for the first time.  He looked at it and said, "It\’s not as big as I thought it would be."
    All of us seem to suffer from lowered expectations.

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