Meet Peanut Boy!

 Peanut Boy on my shoulder

This is Peanut Boy. I met Peanut Boy some time after his owner died. He lived with an elderly couple and was very bonded to the man. When the man died, Peanut Boy was broken hearted and started pulling his feathers out. Unfortunately, this is quite common when a parrot undergoes a stressful situation.

The man’s widow was unable to take her husband’s place in Peanut Boy’s life, so she decided to get him another home. That’s where I come in. When I met Peanut Boy, he was missing a lot of feathers and was quite afraid of everything. It’s hard for me to resist an animal with a hard luck story, so I brought him home with me.

I have since spent a lot of time working with Peanut Boy. His feathers are growing back, but he still picks them from time to time. He has developed an interest in chewing up cardboard boxes and is in heaven when he gets a new one to chew up. While he chews it up, he converts it to different structures as he goes, from hidey hole to fort. He even chews an eye hole out so he can see out of his fort.

Apparently, he must have spent all his time on his previous owner’s shoulder. He didn’t have any “hobbies” when he came to live with us. It took a lot of experimenting to find something he could develop an interest in. I’m very happy he has his cardboard boxes to keep him company while my hubby is at work. You see, he is now in love with my hubby and is doing fine.

He has recently learned to call the dogs. My doggies have a doggie door and they come in and out of the house all day. Sometimes, they start barking at something and I whistle for them to come back in. Peanut Boy has figured this out. When the dogs start barking Peanut Boy whistles for them to come in. Good Boy Peanut Boy!



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  2. Darlene

    thats great happy loading lol, i didn\’t think it would of been a major thing i must of had mine disabled all along 🙂

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