The Age of the Earth

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The Age of the Earth

There is a lot of evidence that the earth is young. Some indications include the fact that there aren’t enough people in the world, there is not enough salt in the ocean, the moon is getting further away every year, the oldest tree is too young and the oldest coral reef is too young. There is an excellent little book entitled: The Young Earth by John D. Morris, PhD. The author, a geological engineer, describes the geological systems of the earth and shows that they have been made within thousands, not millions, of years.

Geologic Column

The layers of the “geologic column” were dated before radiometric dating was invented. The index fossils were not dated radiometrically. Their age was assumed initially by the belief in evolution, how long they supposedly took to evolve. Then the rocks are given that age. The assumption that evolution is true is used to support an old age for the earth.

What Does the Bible Say?

According to the Bible, the earth is about 6000 years old. This age is derived from the belief in the six day creation as told in the Bible. Also, it is derived from the genealogies in the Bible. The genealogies say the age of each man at the time he had his children. If somebody accepts the genealogies as literal history, as I do, then from Adam to Jesus is about 4000 years, then about another 2000 from Jesus to the present.

Why Does it Matter How Old the Earth Is?

The earth is only thousands of years old and not millions of years old, therefore, there has not been enough time for the origin of life to occur by chance. Also, there has not been enough time for the process of evolution to develop all the creatures on earth. Because the earth is young, this indicates that life on earth was created by God.

See these articles by scientists and others for more information:

  • ‘Young’ age of the Earth & Universe Q&A
  • Evidence for a Young World by Russell Humphreys
  • How old is the earth?by Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D., F.M.
  • The god of an old earth by Ken Ham
  • Moon dust and the age of the solar system by Dr Andrew A. Snelling and David E. Rush
  • The Oldest Tree in the World Author: Carl Kerby
  • The oldest living things by Jerry Bergman and Robert Doolan
  • The earth’s magnetic field: evidence that the earth is young by Jonathan Sarfati
  • Geology and the young earth by Tas Walker
  • ‘Instant’ petrified wood by Andrew Snelling
  • Limestone caves-A Result of Noah’s Flood? by by Robert Doolan, John Mackay, Dr Andrew Snelling and Dr Allen Hallby
  • Rapid stalactites by Stephen Meyers and Robert Doolan
  • Too much coal for a young earth? by Gerhard Schönknecht and Siegfried Scherer
  • Where are all the people? by Don Batten
  • Coral: animal, vegetable and mineral by Paula Weston

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