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These are pages from my website:

Reasons Why Believe in God:

Recommended Books

  • My favorite books that have scientific evidence that God exists.

My Testimony

  • How I came to believe in God

How Did Life Begin

  • The cell is too complex to come about by chance.

What is Science

  • There are many ways used to interpret data.

What is Evolution

  • Genetic variability is often mistakenly called evolution.

The Fossil Record

  • Living things fossilized after a global flood

Darwin’s Doubts

  • Darwin gives many reasons why his theory is not true.

Why are there Evolution Frauds?

  • Fraudulent evidence is used as proof for evolution.

Genesis 1: The Creation

  • In the beginning God created…

Jesus and Creation

  • Jesus believed in creation

Noah’s Ark

  • The ark was larger than you can imagine.

Dogs, wolves, and coyotes, oh my!

  • Dogs, wolves and coyotes are all the same kind of animal.

Dinosaurs and Creation

  • Dinosaurs lived with man, some may still be alive.

Scientific Articles

  • Scientific articles by others

My Favorite Things

  • Recommendations of my favorite things.

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