Origin of Races

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Where Did the Races Come From?

Biblical Creationists (like me) believe that all people on earth came from two people created by God, Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve had every possible gene that we see now. All of the original gene pool was just these two people. They had all the different genes for hair color, eye color, height, skin tone. One child got one group of genes and another child got another group of genes. Adam and Eve could have had children who were light skinned, dark skinned and everything in between because they were carriers of all possible genes.

There was an incident at the Tower of Babel when God gave people many different languages. As the people scattered to populate the earth they divided into isolated populations with the other people who spoke the same languages. The original created people, had the genetic capability to have lots of different traits for different eye color, hair color, skin color, height, build, hair texture, facial features, etc. As they settled into the different isolated areas, differences started to appear, some communities had gotten more of certain genes than others. The more time went by, the more different people looked. Some were dark skinned with dark hair; some were light skinned with light hair, etc. According to Biblical creationists, all people on earth are family.

We see this type of thing all over the world with dogs, roses, birds, fish etc. Plants and animals are bred for certain characteristics, including size and color. For instance, breeds of dogs are made by isolating a population and allowing the dogs only with certain desired characteristics to mate. The original kinds of dogs, like wolves, coyotes, dingoes, look different because they all live in different places, like breeds of dogs. These original wild dogs that God made had the genetic capability to have lots of different traits for different sizes, color of fur, ear shape, tail shape, etc. Nothing new is added when people make a different type of dog. It’s just differently combining the genes that are already there. But, when you intentionally breed certain dogs with certain traits together, you can gradually change what the dogs look like. This doesn’t take very long. A dog can have puppies when it is less than a year old. So a lot of generations of dogs can happen in a short period of time. This is how all breeds of dogs have been developed. If all dogs were let out of their yards and allowed to mate with each other in just a short period of time the puppies would be getting close to what wild dogs, wolves and coyotes, look like.

See these articles by scientists and others for more information:

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