Dinosaurs and Creation

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How do dinosaurs fit in with creation?

Creation scientists believe that dinosaurs were created by God and they lived with man in the beginning. Dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago only if you date the earth with the preconceived notion of evolution being a fact. The long ages were determined by how long evolution has taken place, also based on the belief in evolution.

Dragons are “mythological” giant reptiles. Many cultures have dragons in paintings, literature and history. Some of the paintings of the “dragons” look like various kinds of dinosaurs. How could it be that so many cultures independently made up the thought of a giant reptile? These sound a lot like dinosaurs to me. Dinosaurs were created along with man and all the other animals.

Later on, there was a worldwide flood which drowned and buried all life on earth except people and animals in a very large boat called the ark. There was plenty of room for dinosaurs. The biggest dinosaur egg was only about the size of a football. Young dinosaurs were very small. The large ones were old ones as they grew all their life. The young ones with a long life ahead of them were on the ark, not the old, big ones.

The ones that got buried quickly with sediment fossilized. Also, all of the lush vegetation was buried and later turned to gas and oil. After the flood, which lasted a year, the earth’s climate was changed because it was the first time it had ever rained. Before the flood the earth was covered with a canopy of misty water which made it into a giant green house.

This was the beginning of the ice age. The earth was no longer a giant green house which enabled reptiles to live so long. Reptiles grow their entire life, but they are cold-blooded and need to live in a warm climate. (All reptiles now are very short, with their legs out sideways, so they are close to the earth’s warmth.) Also, in addition to the climate change, people killed off the leftover large dinosaurs because they were a menace to the towns. That’s why there aren’t any grizzly bears in New York City any more.

Then, many years later, after people forgot that dragons were real, the first dinosaur bone was “discovered” in 1822. It was named iguanodon (meaning iguana tooth) in 1825. The discoverer thought it came from a giant iguana. You take an iguana and put it in a warm, moist world and let it grow to a few tons, and you’ll have a dinosaur.

These large dinosaurs were the dragons. There are some very old books which list dragons as actual, but rare, reptiles.

I don’t think dinosaurs are extinct; they just got smaller over time because they don’t live as long and so don’t grow as big. All the lizards around are just teensy dinosaurs. But, there are sightings of large dinosaurs all around the world in jungles and large out-of-the-way lakes. Loch Ness is enormous. The descriptions of the Lock Ness Monster sound like a plesiosaur. Also, in the rivers of the Congo there have been sightings of apatosaurus-type creatures.

So, God made dinosaurs, but they weren’t called that yet. They were called dragons. Then, the big ones died out and people forgot that they were ever real, and they became part of myth. Then, when the dragon bones were dug up and they were given a new name, dinosaur. I have booklets about this topic if you would like to request one free of charge.

Were Dragons Really Dinosaurs?

The quote below is from this web site: What happened to the dinosaurs?

A Sumerian story dating back to 2,000 B.C. or more tells of a hero named Gilgamesh, who, when he went to fell cedars in a remote forest, encountered a huge vicious dragon which he slew, cutting off its head as a trophy.

When Alexander the Great (c. 330 B.C.) and his soldiers marched into India, they found that the Indians worshipped huge hissing reptiles that they kept in caves.

China is renowned for its dragon stories, and dragons are prominent on Chinese pottery, embroidery and carvings.

England has its story of St George, who slew a dragon that lived in a cave.

There is the story of a 10th century Irishman who wrote of his encounter with what appears to have been a Stegosaurus.

In the 1500s, a European scientific book, Historia Animalium, listed several animals that we would call dinosaurs, as still alive. A well-known naturalist of the time, Ulysses Aldrovandus, recorded an encounter between a peasant named Baptista and a dragon whose description fits that of the small dinosaur Tanystropheus. The encounter was on 13 May 1572, near Bologna in Italy, and the peasant killed the dragon.

What Happened to the Dinosaurs?

The Answers Book by Ken Ham, et al says this about the end of dinosaurs:

Page 253: If you were to ask at the zoo why they have endangered species programs, you would probably get an answer something like this: “We’ve lost lots of animals from this earth. Animals are becoming extinct all the time. Look at all the animals that have gone forever. We need to act to save the animals.” If you then asked, “Why are animals becoming extinct”” you might get an answer like this: ”It’s obvious! People killing them; lack of food; man destroying the environment; diseases; genetic problems; catastrophes like floods – there are lots of reasons.”

If you then asked, “Well, what happened to the dinosaurs?” the answer would probably be, “We don’t know! Scientists have suggested dozens of possible reasons, but it’s a mystery.”

Maybe one of the reasons dinosaurs are extinct is that we did not start our endangered species programs early enough!

See these articles by scientists and others for more information:

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